West angry with PressTV truth coverage

A political commentator says the West attacks Press TV because the channel focuses on the truth and the topics that the world’s mainstream media tends not to cover.

“Iran’s 24/7 English-language international news channel hit the airwaves in 2007. Press TV appeared on TV screens around the world to cover the story – with a focus on topics that the ‘free’ world’s mainstream media tends not to cover. From revealing the real faces of democracy-looking dictatorships in Europe to divulging covert ties between the West and terror rings in Syria and highlighting the plight of women and children in war-torn countries, Press TV has sought to be a voice for the voiceless,” wrote Hamid Reza Emadi in an article on Press TV’s website.

“Press TV has established a distinctive discourse that communicates the message directly to the audience like no other,” he noted.

Emadi further explained that Press TV has raised several fundamental questions in the minds of its audience, posing a serious challenge to the West which has controlled the flow of information via its mainstream media ever since the first television program was aired.

“And the West has realized the extent of this challenge and has decided that it needs to be contained. And just like that, satellite companies are ordered to take Press TV off the air in a desperate attempt to stop the message reaching its global audience,” he added.

Referring to the removal of Press TV from several European platforms, the political commentator stated that EU is not the only organization behind the all-out war against Press TV.

Emadi pointed out that the pro-Israeli lobby group, American Jewish Committee, AJC, issued a celebratory statement on its website after Spanish satellite group Hispasat pulled the plug on Press TV and Hispan TV on December 20, 2012.

“But why are Israelis so angry with Press TV?…The answer lies in the fact that Press TV was the only international news channel with four correspondents on the ground in Gaza when Israel launched its deadly war on the besieged Palestinian coastal strip at the turn of 2008-2009.”

“They do not want Press TV to enlighten television viewers around the world. But what they just don’t seem to get is that their all-out war on Press TV only serves to show how successful the channel has been. And since it is literally impossible to silence a media outlet in the information age, the channel will continue to do what it’s been doing over the years despite the bumps and bruises,” Emadi concluded.