Video: Students Submit to ‘Obama Security Force’ Bag Searches

Activist Mark Dice illustrates absurdity of Americans eager to relinquish 4th amendment rights

Paul Joseph Watson
May 7, 2013

Activist Mark Dice illustrated the absurd ease with which some Americans are willing to relinquish their 4th amendment rights by performing mock ‘Obama National Civilian Security Force’ bag searches on students at San Diego State University.

Despite the fact that Dice is not even wearing a uniform of any kind, several of the individuals shown in the clip willingly consent to have their bag searched by a random stranger simply as a result of Dice mentioning the words “Boston bombings”.

The clip shows Dice rifling through people’s bags in order to make sure, “nobody is carrying any harmful or potentially hazardous materials,” while proclaiming himself to be part of the “Obama citizen security volunteer force.”

When one woman refuses to partake and asks Dice, “Are you serious?” he responds, “No we’re just showing what suckers people are and how they’ll obey and willingly let their 4th amendment be violated.”

“The 4th amendment is so last year,” remarks Dice as he subjects another student to a bag search.

Dice then tells another student he needs to perform a “real quick violation of your 4th amendment rights” before adding, “anybody carrying a black backpack, dark skin like yours is a potential terrorist these days.”

After one of the students makes a complaint, Dice and his cameraman are confronted by police who tell them to leave campus. However, a clip at the end of the video shows Dice being put in handcuffs after he tried to pull the same stunt on the streets of San Diego.

The video brings to mind the Milgram experiment, a series of social psychology tests conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram based around the willingness of people to submit to authority figures even in direct conflict with their conscience.

The majority of participants agreed to deliver the experiment’s final 450-volt shock to victims when ordered to do so despite them being under the false belief that doing so could easily result in the person’s death, illustrating how obedience to authority no matter how illogical is ingrained within the human psyche.

Dice’s previous videos made headlines after he was successful in getting numerous people to sign a petition to repeal both the First and Second Amendments and throw gun owners in prison.


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This article was posted: Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 5:49 am