US stirring chaos in Middle East through ISIL: Analyst

The United States and its allies seek to sustain the growth of the ISIL terrorist group across the Middle East to create chaos in the region and preserve the prosperity of the US military-industrial complex, says a former American intelligence linguist.

“The fact remains that the coalition forces pretty much led by the US and the British empire, England, have really been designed to maintain the growth of ISIS, not to cease its operations,” said Scott Rickard, using another acronym for the terror network.

The US military is not using its overwhelming force to destroy ISIL because the group’s demise will destroy a major source of revenue for the American military-industrial complex, Rickard told Press TV on Saturday.

ISIL’s downfall will end the US military campaign and along with it the “economic prosperity that’s coming out of this endless and perpetual war that’s really been created and funded and also perpetuated by the West,” he added.


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