US man sent to jail after drone arrest

A North Dakotan man has been sentenced to jail for the first time in the history of the US for an arrest made possible by the use of a Predator drone.

Rodney Brossart, a cattle rancher, was sentenced to three years in prison on Tuesday, for terrorizing officers who tried to detain him at his property in 2011, US News reported.

The arrest was made when Brossart refused to return to their owner the six cows that had entered his property in 2011. A SWAT team was called in to arrest him and the arrest turned into a 16-hour armed standoff between Brossart and his three sons, and police officers.

Eventually, a Predator drone on loan from the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Patrol was brought in to locate and report on Brossartâ„¢s situation and let the police know it was safe to arrest him. He was allegedly tasered by the police while being arrested.

At the time of arrest, Brossartâ„¢s attorney, Bruce Quick, said that the use of the drone and the tasing constituted “guerrilla-like police tactics” and that the drone was “dispatched without judicial approval or a warrant.”

District Judge Joel Medd, however, upheld the use of drones in the case in July 2012 and said Å“there was no improper use of an unmanned aerial vehicle” and that the drone “appears to have had no bearing on these charges being contested here.” Medd refused to throw out the case.

This Tuesday, a jury upheld the courtâ„¢s decision.

Interestingly, on the same day that Brossartâ„¢s verdict was upheld, Electronic Frontier Foundation, a civil rights organization fighting against police use of drones, revealed that Customs and Border Patrol loaned its Predator drones 700 times between 2010 and 2012. The agency had admitted to lending out the drones 500 times.

The incident is very significant and has captured national attention since this is the first time in history that American law enforcement has used an unmanned arterial vehicle in arresting a person.


Source: Press TV