US engaged in fear mongering to feed military—industrial complex: Analyst

The United States is using scare tactics by exaggerating the power of Russia and China to justify bolstering its arms industry and feed the US military—industrial complex, a geopolitical commentator in Missouri says.

“You have to have this level of fear mongering to go forward with this military—industrial complex and continue to feed the profits of these defense contractors who drive this war economy in the United States,” said Dean Henderson, an author and columnist at Veterans Today.

The head of the US Air Force warned on Monday about the rising air power of Russia and China, saying the two countries’ gap with the US military is closing.

“China and Russia are two good examples of countries who will be fielding capability in the next three to five years; if they stay on track, that is better than what we currently have in many areas,” General Mark Welsh said during a three-day visit to Langley Air Force Base in Virginia.

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