UK undercover policing under scrutiny

A public inquiry into undercover policing is to be launched in England and Wales on Tuesday.

The inquuiry comes following a request to review claims that an undercover police officer had infiltrated the network of the family and friends of the murdered teenager, Stephen Lawrence. Theresa May, who demanded the review described undercover policing as “essential”, says that there is a need for the public’s confidence in the tactics to be restored following the shocking allegations.

In his opening remarks, appeal court judge, Lord Justice Pitchfordsaid he would investigate the terms of reference and process taken during the covert work, including “justification, authorization, operational governance and oversight”.

Other allegations have been made including claims of miscarriages of justice as officers had been targeted even more campaigners, trade unionists, Labour MPs and anti-racism groups.

The investigation found more than 80 possible miscarriages of justice related to the Special Demonstration Squad, a secret Metropolitan Police unit that had been disbanded seven years ago.

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