UK legal aid cuts could deny justice

British lawyers protest against the government™s plans to cut legal aid, June 2013.

The British government™s plans to cut legal aid fees could deny justice to people who most need help in the courts, the UK™s most senior judge has warned.

Delivering the annual Tom Sargant Memorial Lecture on Tuesday, Lord Neuberger, president of the Supreme Court, said that if people were forced to drop claims due to the proposed changes to legal aid, it would be “a rank denial of justice and a blot on the rule of law”.

œCutting the cost of legal aid deprives the very people who most need the protection of the courts of the ability to get legal advice and representation,” Lord Neuberger said.

He also urged ministers to be œvery careful” about plans to save money by reducing the number of judicial review cases.

The British government is seeking to slice £350 million annually from the £2billion-a-year legal aid budget in England and Wales.

Earlier this month, hundreds of anti-cuts campaigners staged protests across England to voice their opposition against plans to cut legal aid fees.

Demonstrations organized by the anti-austerity protest group UK Uncut were held in seven English towns and cities, including London, Manchester, Cambridge, Liverpool, Hull, Northampton and Norwich.


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