UK launches FBI-style anti-crime agency

Britain™s new FBI-style anti-crime agency will start its work today with an almost half-a-billion-pound budget and mandate to deal with some 37,000 criminals.

The body named the National Crime Agency (NCA) will have the power to use a range of intelligence sources and organize joint efforts involving several police forces from across Britain to deal with drug gangs, cyber crime, corruption and child sex abuse.

The NCA will replace the widely-criticized Serious Organized Crime Agency (SOCA) boosted with additional powers, while employing 4,000 officers in the four divisions of organized crime, economic crime, border policing and child exploitation and online protection that will work with a National Cyber Crime Unit.

The agency estimates there are some 5,500 organized criminal groups in Britain, some of them involved in international drugs smuggling, fraud and online child sex abuse.

Its director general Keith Bristow said their fight will exclude œno one” even what reporters said was the œhigher echelons” of organized crime.

The NCA is different from FBI in that the former will not be involved in national security or counter-terrorism.


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