UK Kinship carers at risk of poverty, debt due to budget cuts

A new report says that tens of thousands of kinship carers risk sever poverty, debt and losing their homes as a result of government’s welfare cuts.

Kinship carers refer to adults who volunteer to bring up child relatives when parents are unable to do so. 

The report by the Family Rights Group or FRG said government plans to limit child tax credits to two children from 2017 will have a “disastrous impact” on the finances of thousands of kinship carers who look after at least three children, and will deter many potential carers from taking on the role.

Chief Executive of FRG, Cathy Ashley said: “The tax credit and welfare reforms are potentially disastrous for kinship carer households and will deter many potential kinship carers from coming forward, resulting in more children ending up in the care system, at significant cost to the public purse.”

According to government estimations, more than 330,000 children from low-income families in Great Britain will be hit by the benefit cap, costing those affected an average of £63 a week.

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