Trident seaman publishes “The Secret Nuclear Threat"

A member of the  UK navy says the country’s Trident nuclear submarine program is a “disaster waiting to happen.”

These comments came in an online posting attached to an image of Able Seaman William McNeilly’s Royal Navy ID card.

The 18-page document titled, “The Secret Nuclear Threat” and subtitled “Do you have any idea how close we are to a nuclear disaster every single minute?”, by the navy engineer unveils the inadequacies, dangers and risks posed by the UK navy nuclear weapons program.

In the document, the UK submariner raises safety issues, ranging from the inadequacy of the country’s nuclear submarines, to poor food hygiene aboard the vessels.

McNeilly’s report said one of the submarines, which had been on patrol with a hydraulics fault, prevented it from carrying out a test to see whether it was possible to launch missiles.

The whistle-blower claimed he had “sacrificed” his own safety by revealing the secrets.


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