Tories undermine workers’ rights: TUC

The TUC accuses UK Tory Eurosceptics of disguising plans to tear up workers’ rights.

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has accused Tory Eurosceptics of undermining a wide number of labor laws that has emerged from Britain’s membership of the European Union (EU) over the past years.

The TUC said the Conservatives’ bid to abolish the EU social and employment law is a cover-up to tear up British workers’ rights.

The Union’s accusations came after a group of Conservative MPs said their primary objective over the country’s break up from the EU was to see the return of social and employment legislation from Brussels.

“The Conservatives want a free market Europe without workers’ rights, controls on the financial sector, equality laws, human rights and so on,” The TUC said.

“The PM’s strategy is that if he can blackmail the rest of the EU into that, then he will put that to a referendum and seek the British people’s endorsement.”

British Prime Minister David Cameron is under growing pressure from backbenchers for a referendum offering voters the choice of signing up to a new EU deal or quitting.