The Week In (Funny) Pictures

From Clegg on the radio to Cameron on the Tube – via showbiz stars, catwalk models and pastries shaped like men’s parts (no, really) – check out this week’s silliest snaps…

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  • Nick Clegg wonders whether this phone-in thing was really such a good idea.

  • Nick Clegg, just hours earlier, after being told he had to do ‘Call Clegg’. <a href=””>Possibly.</a>

  • Angela Merkel: not as decisive as you might think.

  • Poor old Chris Huhne. We almost feel sorry for him! Almost.

  • Bill Clinton demonstrates exactly how wide those bags under his eyes really are.

  • You should have <a href=””>tied it down</a>, sport.

  • What’s that? A giant pastry shaped like a penis? But of course! <em> Image: AFP/Getty</em>

  • Amanda Seyfried, shortly after seeing a giant pastry shaped like a penis.

  • Gerard Depardieu, shortly after seeing Amanda Seyfried.

  • London’s Fashion Week throws up some surprisingly wearable outfits yet again. Such as this…

  • …and this.

  • Francois Hollande – who has seemingly never seen a kippah before.

  • Now, we’re no body language experts…

  • …but this midterm review doesn’t seem to be going well. At. All.

  • Signs that you’re getting old, no. 235: The <a href=”–giggles”>Elvis impersonators</a> are looking younger.

  • Hillary Clinton was delighted by the bizarre skull given to her this week.

  • Although she was less delighted by the size XXXXXXL shirt.

  • Still, it could have been worse. It could have been a onesie. <em>(Image: Twitter/NickClegg)</em>

  • “Note to self: never, ever been seen in public wearing my onesie.”

(images PA unless otherwise credited)