Sturgeon warns Cameron not to ignore Scotland’s voice

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has cautioned British Prime Minister David Cameron not to ignore the voice of Scottish people.

Speaking on the anniversary of Scotland’s independence referendum, Sturgeon said that David Cameron is “living on borrowed time” as he sought to stop Scotland from quitting the UK.

In her speech, Sturgeon also criticized Cameron for failing to deliver on pre-referendum promises of more devolved powers.

“Right now, what (the Scottish) people see at Westminster is a Tory government failing to fully deliver on the vow it made on more powers for our parliament…,” she  told an audience in Edinburgh on Friday.

“And they see a government arrogantly pressing ahead with plans to renew Trident – at a cost of £100bn (€136.5bn) – before the House of Commons has even voted and while our public services suffer the pain of their cuts…So my message to David Cameron is … what happens to support for independence in the months and years to come will depend as much on what you do as it will on what we do,” she reiterated.

Sturgeon also noted that she would set out the SNP’s position on a second referendum in her party’s manifesto for next May’s Scottish Parliament elections.

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