Social Media and Google — What to Take Into Consideration

by Lyuben Georgiev

Social media and search engines interact more and more with each other as we can see from the new Google update from the 17th of February. The update is a great new feature which allows you to see which of your friends have shared a certain page when searching for something.

What does that mean for search engine marketing?

I can’t help but think that Google now pays more attention to Social networks than ever. It is clear that social medias are only growing bigger and search engines just have to go with the flow.

Which social networks?

Usually when people hear “social network”, the first thing they think of is Facebook. However, Facebook is not included in this Google update. Some of the networks that are included are YouTube, Twitter, Google Buzz, Quara and Friend Feed.

Why not Facebook?

The reason why Facebook is not featured in this update is that Google can’t really access people’s personal profiles. They only have access to fan pages which is not enough. Let’s just hope that will change for good in the near future because nobody is winning anything from that so far.

How to take advantage of the update?

Keep in mind that you will not see the new feature in action unless you connect your social profiles with your personal Google account. Otherwise, Google can’t know who your friends are and what they have shared.

Tips and advices

One of the best tips I can give you in case your job is SEO related, is to build a professional Twitter account for your client. Then what you should do is start tweeting often (but don’t overdo it). However, random tweets won’t do the job. You should tweet links but at the same time surround them carefully with keywords.

Track your results. See how you are doing. Maybe social medias weren’t your favorite before but now, whether you like it or not, you don’t have a choice. So check the results you have accomplished regularly to make sure what you are doing is working and once you see improvement you will definitely change your mind about social networks.

Keep in mind that this is just the beginning of the interaction between Google and social medias. In my opinion, social mentions will become a big impact on rankings and sharing is the key to succeed. Google will probably pay a lot of attention to that since “recommended from friends” outranks “regular search results”. Stay tuned for more new updates from Google as they are coming fast. Be sure not to miss anything important like that update for example.


Lyuben Georgiev works for Outrider – one of the best search marketing agencies in Europe. He also offers advice on search engine optimizaiton (in Denmark, the people commonly refer to this term as Rådgivning på søgemaskineoptimering) in various blogs including Search Engine Journal and RINF.