Weather: Snow For UK On Wintry Weekend

The Met Office has issued a weekend weather warning with snow expected to blanket most of England.

The Level 2 Alert warns there is a high risk of severe cold, icy and snow conditions from now until Tuesday.

The alert highlights all of England as being at risk.

Sky News weather presenter Isobel Lang said temperatures will plummet today, heightening the risk of sleet or snow.

“Outbreaks of rain across southern Britain will turn to sleet or snow,” she said.

“At this stage around 5cm to 10cm (2in to 4in) of snow is possible over more hilly areas with nearer 2cm to 5cm over some low-lying areas later. Some snow may fall in London.”

She added: “Some more significant snow is possible into Monday, and this could bring disruption across central and eastern Britain – so keep an eye on the forecast.”

Sunday is likely to be even colder than today. However it may be brighter although temperatures will remain just above freezing point.

The Met Office warned: “The snow event on Monday may bring 2cm to 5cm (0.75 to 2in) quite widely across England as it spreads southeastwards, with greater than 5cm falling over hills.

“This warning may be extended early next week.”

Light snow is already falling over high ground in Scotland this morning.

The Met Office also warned of the dangers of cold ahead of the weekend, especially those who are most vulnerable.

It said: “Prolonged periods of cold weather can be dangerous, especially for the very young, very old or those with chronic diseases.

“If you want more information about how cold weather can affect your health please visit .

“If you are concerned about your health or somebody you care for, please contact NHS Direct on 0845 4647, , or your local pharmacist.”

A Level 2 Alert means there is a 60% risk of either heavy snow or widespread ice, or temperatures below 2C for 48 hours or longer.

The highest cold weather alert the Met Office can issue is Level 4, which is classified as a national emergency.

The RAC warned it was expecting up to 56,000 breakdowns and widespread disruption as the snow affects roads.

It has placed extra patrols on stand-by to help stranded drivers and said call-outs are expected to rise by 20% or more.