Slovenians rally anew in Maribor

The picture shows protesters in front of Maribor’s Municipal building, Slovenia on December 3, 2012.

Slovenian protesters once again rally in the city of Maribor to peacefully demand the dissolution of the city council, saying that a large majority of the city council members supported former mayor Franc Kangler, who is accused of corruption.

The demonstration, which was reportedly participated by some 2,000 people, took place on Monday near the city’s municipal building.

Chanting slogans such as “Let’s sweep them out,” the protesters called for the resignation of all city council members.

Kangler resigned over corruption allegations last month.

In November, the mayor was also expelled from the Slovenian People’s Party, a junior partner in the conservative coalition, after a court in the country said that he used municipal funds for private purposes.

A similar protest was held in the city on December 3, 2012. Police forces arrested some 40 people during the demonstration.

The recession-hit eurozone state has seen a wave of protests in recent weeks over public sector spending cuts and tough austerity measures.