Second British Tory minister steps down

British Prime Minister David Cameron has faced a fresh setback as he lost his second minister Lord Marland in as many days.

Tory business minister Lord Marland told Cameron of his resignation decision on Tuesday, January 8, a day after the departure of Lord Strathclyde as Leader of the House of Lords.

Marland, 56, said he was frustrated with the grind of Whitehall and prefers to concentrate on business career.

“He has been frustrated by the day-to-day business of government. He also wants to get back to the private sector and there isn’t the time to do that and perform all the duties of a minister at the same time”, a senior government source told The Daily Mail.

Marland’s surprise resignation decision could be seen as a sign of ongoing difficulties within the Conservative Party who spent much of last year fighting with the backbenchers.