Ron Paul slams militarization of US police

Former US congressman Ron Paul has condemned the militarization of police departments in the United States after a video showed police officers attacked a group of black teenagers in Texas.

The video released on YouTube last week showed white police officer Eric Casebolt drew his gun at teenagers during a pool party in McKinney.

He also grabbed a black teenage girl by the hair and wrestled her to the ground to handcuff her. The officer sat on the 14-year-old bikini-clad girl in an effort to prevent her from standing up.

“The biggest problem right now is the militarization of the police because that seems to be a culture,” Paul said during his program, Ron Paul Liberty Report.

“When I was watching that video… I thought where are these policemen? Don’t they even turn on the news? Don’t they know what people are thinking? Why would they do this and pulling a gun? It’s the militarization of the police which is the consequence of other problems,” he added.


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