Romanian tennis legend could become another tax exile in Russia

Romanian Ilie Nastase. (AFP Photo / Jaques Demarthon)

Romanian Ilie Nastase. (AFP Photo / Jaques Demarthon)

Former Romanian tennis star Ilie Nastase plans to follow French actor Gerard Depardieu’s footsteps and move to Russia in order to pay less tax.

“I have no desire to pay any more taxes. I am moving to Russia along with Depardieu,”

Bucharest tabloid Libertatea quotes the former tennis king as saying.

“What do they collect taxes from us for?” wonders the 66 year old. “For the salaries of parliamentarians and Euro-parliamentarians. I don’t want to pay any more.”

The winner of the 1972 U.S. Open and 1973 French Open said he would prefer to wait before he flees Romania.

“It’s cold in Russia at the moment. … I’ll wait until the summer to move,” Nastase said.

Last week distinguished French actor and filmmaker Gerard Depardieu received his new Russian passport from the hands of President Vladimir Putin a few days after publicly giving his French passport away.