Peggy Noonan Thinks the Time is Ripe For Republicans to be Democrats!

(h/t Heather for the vid, Andrew for the tip)

I confess that I almost wish I would be invited to sit on a panel for “This Week” now. Whatever they are serving in the green room is some pretty strong stuff, based on how loopy Peggy Noonan is in this clip. Or maybe she’s dipping into the Captain Morgan provisions in the limo on the way in to the studios.

Either way, Nooners is in love with her bizarre “Republicans should be pirates and steal Democratic ideas!” column and endorses it again while simultaneously wailing about President Obama’s inability to play along with the implacable Republican obstructionism and destructive Republican policies.

Luckily, Paul Krugman takes the role of sane person (because you know that’s too much work for host George Stephanopoulos) and tries to direct Noonan out of her circular logic loop. But then Stephanopoulos asks her about this nutty pirate theory, giving her the opportunity to wax rhapsodic and slightly tipsily:

First of all, don’t be the depressed gray-suited gaggle that comes forward in the halls of the House once a day to speak in a sort of a almost furtive and sad manner about what’s going on. No great themes ever emerge, nothing ever seems to get said.

Look, this is a time to remember in a way the joy of politics. The Republicans are in a bad position right now. They just lost a big election. They are a bunch of folks in Washington, the president is one man with a mike. That man, the president, can always overpower them. My feeling is this is a wonderful time to be daring and surprising. Go to the populist right on economic issues, on things issues like breaking up the banks and the carried interest loopholes. Go for immigration, don’t wait for the president.

I know. I’m just here to amuse, Paul.

If anyone can figure out a sensible and likely political angle from that strange salad of pollyannish optimism and flat out delusion, please share, because I’m not seeing it.