Paul: Voluntarism can stop gun violence

Former US Congressman Ron Paul says voluntarism is the answer to the gun violence and mass shootings in the United States.

”I happen to believe in voluntarism,” Paul said when asked whether he supports a stricter background check to acquire guns on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Thursday night.

œI don™t like authoritarianism, because that gives the government the authority to tell you how live, how you want to run your personal life, your own sexual life, it tells you what you can eat and drink,” he added.

When asked about how to solve the rising in gun violence in the country, Paul replied, œWe™ve got to punish people who do any damage, you know, with guns.”

When asked about the incident at the Washington Navy Yard and how to stop shooter Aaron Alexis who, despite hearing voices and having gun altercations in the past, was able to get through high government security with a weapon.

œIt shows you the government is not very good at it, it was in the government property,” Paul said. œMost people in Texan homes would not be invaded like that, because they know what would happen.”

There have been at least 17 mass shootings in the United States since the massacre of elementary school students and teachers in Newtown, Conn., last December.

Guns have killed about 24,580 Americans since Newtown, according to Slate’s estimate based on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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