Op-Ed: Inside the American police state

Justin King
January 3, 2014

For decades, activists have warned of the advancing police state in the United States. The police state arrived, not amidst a storm of riot police, but through the completely unmitigated expansion of total surveillance.

Edward Snowden’s continued leaks have given the world a look at exactly how far the National Security Agency’s assault on freedom has gone. Each new revelation demonstrates that the Agency that was set up in the 1950s to streamline cryptography and communications efforts in America’s fight to preserve liberty against the threat of the Soviet Union has become a larger threat to the freedom of the American people than the Soviet Union ever was. Other federal agencies continue to expand their power beyond the scope of moral conscience and law, and the legislature has no desire to curb the aggressive expansion of federal power.

A brief overview of the Snowden revelations demonstrates clearly that the NSA has extended its surveillance apparatus to levels that George Orwell could never have envisioned. The truly terrifying part is the fact that only a fraction of the documents Snowden has in his possession have been released.

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Source: Infowars