‘Nigerian slaves’ face sexual exploitation in UK

Hundreds of people from Nigeria are being illegally trafficked to the United Kingdom facing severe sexual exploitation among other horrific exploits.

Figures show that in 2014 there were 2000 victims of trafficking that were referred to the authorities, of which 244 came from Nigeria. That is a staggering 31% increase from 2013.

The UK anti-slavery commissioner has voiced concerns over exploitation of current-day slaves in the country.

“I am extremely concerned about this. And we’re talking about several hundred every year. This isn’t just a one-off it’s continuous so the treatment of these people, what they go through, is actually a very serious crime, so for me it’s a big problem. But also I think the fact that there is a demand for this kind of exploitation in the United Kingdom really concerns me, that there are people who will want to buy sex, will want to exploit, will want to have children as what are current-day slaves, so that is a really serious problem,” said Kevin Hyland.

Hyland believes the only way to solve this problem is with the help of the international community.

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