New writings by ‘Greatest Scot’ Burns found, lost for 200 years

Seven lost manuscripts belonging to ‘Scotland’s favorite son’, Robert Burns, have been discovered by a researcher. It’s believed that the artifacts could help throw new light on the poet’s work.

­Among the newly-discovered manuscripts are letters between the pioneer of the Romantic Movement and his close friends.

The documents were identified by Chris Rollie, a Burns expert, who was tipped off by a woman about a private collection.

Rollie reportedly came across three handwritten manuscripts by Burns, three letters to the author of Auld Lang Syne, and a tender letter from his famous lover Clarinda McLehose to his physician, Dr. William Maxwell, asking details of how the poet died, Herald Scotland reported.

The collection had been reportedly lost to scholars for almost 200 years until Rollie found the cache.

“I feel very privileged to have discovered these manuscripts,” Rollie was quoted as saying.