Muslim Brotherhood: Egypt On Brink Of Police State
July 5, 2013

The Muslim Brotherhood on Thursday (July 4) warned that Egypt was on the brink of a police state.

“The Muslim Brotherhood would like to stress and affirm that they are part and parcel of the national fabric of Egypt and they have spent their effort throughout the past years and decades in the context of the constitution and the law and we would like to stress on the following facts: one, our full refusal and revoke of the military coup that has happened against the president, against the constitution and against the legitimacy of the state and our full denial of co-operation with the authority that has extorted the will of the people and we will not share into that authority. We will participate in all peaceful, people-led protests and events against this military coup,” said Brotherhood Spokesman, Gehad El-Haddad.

“We put full responsibility on every person that participated in that coup and empowered it to happen and we put responsibility on them — on anything, any harm happening to the person of the presidency, to the legitimacy of the nation, to Dr. Mohamed Mursi and we call on them to momentarily end the illegitimate detainment of the president, of the elected president, between him and his people,” he said.

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