Military Purge: Obama Wants Troops to Obey Him, Not the Constitution

Service members given litmus tests designed to purge officers who place the Constitution above Obama

Kit Daniels
November 7, 2013

The Obama administration is currently purging the military by giving officers tests to identify which ones are more likely to defend the Constitution rather than support the president’s policies.

The United States Constitution, which is ignored by the Obama administration.

For at least two years, top military brass have been giving litmus tests to officers, from generals down to sergeants, asking them if they will disarm or even fire on U.S. citizens.

“Going back to the beginning of this administration, I’ve had friends within the community talking about how they were brought in and questioned with people from more towards the top side,” Benjamin Smith, a retired U.S. Navy SEAL, said on the Oct. 23 edition of the Alex Jones Show. “The questioning resulted in … do you feel comfortable disarming American citizens?”

“You can see that now with the shoving of a lot of the officers and stuff like that. We don’t have 100% track on it, but there’s a lot of funny things happening within the military.”

This likely explains the unprecedented removal of at least 197 military officers by the Obama administration in the past five years.

Retired Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady told WMD last week that generals and colonels are being relieved of duty if they do not follow Obama’s agenda.

Even non-commissioned officers in the military police are being conditioned to assist the Federal Emergency Management Agency with its unconstitutional demands.

In a video leaked to Infowars, an army commander briefed MPs on their domestic duties with FEMA during martial law, including escorting federal officials as they confiscate firearms from Americans.

“We’ve lost all control when the military moves in on your street,” the commander said during the briefing. “They [government officials] are saying you have no more rights, you are going inside your houses.”

“We are not going to be out involved in a riot and not really have any authority to do anything,” he later added.

Current and former members of the military are being used as mere pawns for the political machine in D.C., following a trend occurring throughout the Obama administration.

As we saw during the government “shutdown” when Obama ordered the closure of war memorials, the White House has as little respect for our veterans as it does for the Constitution.

Considering that over 800 World War II veterans pass away every day, the visit to the memorials that vets made during the “shutdown” may have been the last chance for many of them to see the shrines made in their honor and those who never made it back.

Since the administration sees our military as pawns meant to move things towards the endgame, the White House could not care less about their rights.

It is more concerned with expanding the state’s monopoly on force rather than protecting the birth rights of individuals.

The administration would prefer to place the country on the road to serfdom instead of respecting individual drive which leads to economic progress and prosperity.

To do so, the White House is using litmus tests to remove the roadblocks — soldiers who will defend the Constitution — so it can accelerate the country down the highway to slavery while the vultures who fed on past empires, the dynasty of elites, stare on with hungry eyes.

The current purge of the military is simply a siege on the remaining vestiges of the republic.

The Oct. 23 interview with retired SEAL Benjamin Smith:

Leaked video showing MP commander discuss the suspension of the Constitution for martial law under FEMA and gun confiscations in America:

Source: Infowars