Meet the drug-dealing Indianapolis pastor who outdid ‘Breaking Bad’

An Indianapolis pastor has pleaded guilty to manufacturing nearly 100 tons of “synthetic” drugs in an extraordinary conspiracy that involved his fundamentalist church, a married couple who are crooked cops, a music producer and a school teacher.

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Robert Jaynes Jr. used his Irvington Bible Baptist Church as a base of operations to manufacture and distribute the drug K2, commonly referred to as a “synthetic cannabinoid.”

When the authorities raided the Irvington Bible Baptist Church they caught church members red-handed in the process of manufacturing and packaging Spice or K2. Details of the international conspiracy then unraveled, revealing a surprising cast of players. Jason and Theresa Woods, both Hendrix County sheriffs deputies were indicted in connection with the drug ring, as was Jaynes’ sister, Sherry Parsons, who is a local school teacher.

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