Maddow on NRA: Trolls Don’t Deserve A Seat At The Table

At last, someone calls the NRA what they are: trolls. Rachel Maddow is absolutely right. They’re just playing the “how can I get a reaction” game while the rest of us are actually trying to have an adult discussion. This is characteristic of trolls: They intend to disrupt and disturb rational conversations in order to put the attention on themselves. In the case of the NRA, they’re hoping their disruption will not only slow momentum building for reasonable gun safety laws, but also focus attention on them and their stupid fearmongering about losing their guns.

We all know how to treat trolls, right? Repeat after me: We don’t feed the trolls. We don’t pay attention to the trolls, we don’t give them any attention whatsoever. We keep having our adult conversation, which even Joe Scarborough and Michael Steele are involved in, while ignoring the lunatics over there on the sidelines trolling for attention.

Alrighty then. Back to work.