Limbaugh: Liberals Don’t Shoot Kids, They Use Abortion

In the middle of a rant about gun control, outing people with gun permits in the newspaper, and counter-outing journalists at the same paper, Rush Limbaugh comes up with this, with regard to proponents of responsible gun safety laws:

They’re good people. They’d never use a gun to kill kids. They use abortion for that.

If I were an advertiser on Limbaugh’s show, I’d worry about having my brand associated with inflammatory, unnecessary cracks like that. Seriously. That was offensive, unnecessary and a complete non-sequitur, designed to feed his slavering masses some red meat at the expense of women’s health across the nation.

Oh, I know. Limbaugh fancies himself to be just a jokester who says these things but doesn’t really mean them. Sure he does!

Consider this a public service announcement. The effort to encourage advertisers to leave Rush Limbaugh’s airwaves goes on, and is succeeding, mostly because people object to comments like this.

So Rusty, just keep making an ass of yourself, and we’ll keep on making sure you bleed until you’ve bled Clear Channel dry and have to rely on wingnut welfare just to stay on the air.