Kuwaiti Man in UK arrested for taking Selfie

 A Kuwaiti man has been arrested on “suspicion of terrorism” after taking a selfie.

 38-year-old Kuwaiti tourist Nasser Al-Ansari was using his mobile to film a snapchat video of himself outside the Churchill shopping centre in Brighton, when police arrested him on suspicion of terrorism.

 Police officers took him to a nearby carpark where they confiscated his phone and kept him for three hours.

 Al Ansari described that they said: “You are under arrest under article 41 of the Terrorism Act; anything you say can and will be used against you”.

 ‘I said: “I am 100 percent co-operative. I will go wherever you wish, I just want to go home”.’

 Despite releasing him, police kept his mobile phone and wouldn’t return it to him.

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