Israel Rescues Al-Qaeda Terrorists From Syria

Israel Rescues Al Qaeda Terrorists From Syria 010513rebel

Fighters being treated in field hospitals and sent back to front lines

Paul Joseph Watson
May 9, 2013

Israel is sending military vehicles into Syria to pick up wounded Al-Qaeda terrorists involved in the fight against the Syrian Army before patching them up and sending them back into battle, another startling example of how the Zionist state is working with its supposedly sworn enemies to topple President Bashar Al-Assad.

FSA Rebel. Image: YouTube

That’s a not a claim being made by Iranian or Syrian state media, it’s calmly admitted in a report by the staunchly pro-Israel DebkaFile.

“Israel has set up a large field hospital near the Tel Hazakah observation and military post on Golan which overlooks southern Syria and northern Jordan. There, incoming Syrian war wounded are vetted and examined by Israeli army medics who decide whether to patch them up and send them back, or judge them badly hurt enough for hospital care. The seriously hurt are moved to one of the the nearest Israeli hospitals in Safed or Haifa,” states the report.

The report notes that the wounded fighters are probably being rescued by unmarked “Israeli army vehicles” that are “entering Syria to pick up injured rebels.”

In addition to the latest information, an AFP report from March also documented how the IDF had set up a “military field hospital” at army outpost 105 in the Golan Heights in order to rescue and treat FSA fighters.

By treating and rehabilitating wounded FSA militants and Al-Qaeda terrorists, Israel is aiding the very same rebels who have burned Israeli flags in public and vowed to crush the Zionist regime once they are finished toppling Bashar Al-Assad.

Multiple reports now confirm that the primary frontline militants in Syria fighting against Assad’s forces are members of the Al-Qaeda group Jabhat al-Nusra which “killed numerous American troops in Iraq,” and is now leading western-backed rebel forces in Syria. After the organization was declared a terrorist group by the US State Department, 29 different US-backed Syrian opposition groups pledged their allegiance to al-Nusra.

The DebkaFile report admits that Jabhat al-Nusra fighters are now heavily concentrated, “in the 8 sq. km separation zone on the Golan” from where the Israeli military is rescuing them for medical treatment.

According to Egyptian and Jordanian intelligence sources, Israel’s air strike on Syria was this past

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