Iran to build three indigenous airliners

The Islamic Republic of Iran plans to manufacture three domestically-designed passenger planes by 2026, according to a senior Iranian aviation official.

Head of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization Hamid Reza Pahlevani said on Tuesday that the country will build aircrafts capable of carrying 80, 100 and 150 passengers as part of efforts to meet its increasing air transportation demands, the Fars News Agency reported.

Iran is currently cooperating with Ukraine and Russia in the production and operation of the Antonov An-140 airliner, which can carry 52 passengers.

After purchasing the production license for the An-140 from Ukraine in 2000, Iran built its first Iran-140 passenger plane in 2003.

On December 11, 2012, Manouchehr Manteqi, the managing director of Iran Aviation Industries Organization, said the country’s 40-year-old aviation industry has made great achievements in designing aircraft and overhauling the existing aviation fleet.