Hillary Clinton’s corruption is legendary: Political analyst

The increase in exports of chemical and biological weapons from the United States to totalitarian regimes in the Middle East and Africa during the Arab Spring comes as no surprise because “corrupt” Hillary Clinton was the secretary of state at the time, says a political analyst.

Keith Preston, director of Attack the System, in Virginia, made the remarks when Press TV asked for his opinion on recent reports about a whopping 50 percent increase of US arms exports to totalitarian regimes in Africa and the Middle East during the Arab Spring.

“The Clintons are notoriously corrupt. The Clinton administration was a notoriously corrupt administration and the corruption of the Clintons is legendary in the American politics,” said Preston.

He went on to say that authoritarian regimes were in danger of being toppled by the popular uprisings in 2011 when a wave of uprisings swept the region, and that is why they turned to Clinton in a bid to remain in power.

“The heads of these states were trying to buy some additional insurance by sending funds to the Clinton’s organization and Secretary Clinton was in a position, personal position as well as political and professional, to attempt to keep these regimes in power,” he added.


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