Hannity Concern Trolls and Invites Secession

So much cognitive disconnect, so little time. While Hannity, idiot that he is, suggests that the left is pushing SO HARD and radicalizing everyone SO MUCH (projection, Sean?) that the right wing might have no option but to just secede. And don’t you think that’s a radical idea, but then so was the Declaration of Independence.

Oh, Scammity. Facts matter. Here are a few to counteract your nonsense.

  1. Republican states receive more federal funding than Democratic states. That includes those Hannity touts in this particular rant, like Louisiana and South Carolina.
  2. Make a million, keep half. That’s half a million in your pocket, dude. Hannity goes on and on about how places like California and New York are so “overtaxed” that people are just going to rebel and…you know. He ignores the fact that wages are higher in these states, and high-earning individuals live in them. Here’s a dirty little secret: If you earn a million dollars and pay 50 percent in taxes, you still have half a million in your pocket. That would be different than the person who earns $25,000 and might pay no federal or state income tax, but does pay sales tax and spends every single penny of that net income to live. They have zero in their pockets. Who comes out ahead?
  3. Secession means an end to federal subsidies – Of course Hannity is really just posturing for the sake of posturing and firing up the wingnuts, but he should be honest enough to admit that if states secede, they take over all responsibility for their populations, and it won’t be quite as easy for those people to scuttle over the border into the United States of Decent People Who Aren’t Corporate Hacks post-secession.

Secede if you must, conservatives, but don’t forget to take your share of the national debt with you. Make sure you take Hannity, too. Buh-bye!