Funny Tweets Of The Week

So, that was the week that was.

In politics, the ‘Ronseal’ Coalition released their midterm report, MPs demanded a pay rise – while voting for more benefit cuts – and Nick Clegg went on the radio (and revealed he had a onesie, an imagined sight we can never now imaginarily unsee).

In showbiz news, the Oscar nominations were announced – as were the Brit and Baftas – David Bowie released a new single, Lance Armstrong got set to reveal all to Oprah Winfrey, and the damp squib that was ‘Splash!’ hit our screens.

In showbiz and politics news: Gérard Depardieu was welcomed by his old mate Vladimir Putin and became a Russian citizen. You wouldn’t believe the steppes he had to go through to get that… (Sorry.)

And in neither showbiz nor politics: Jessops announced that it was closing, and a new portrait of Kate Middleton was unveiled. These two events are unrelated – although perhaps if the portrait had been a photo, and developed at Jessops, they would still be in business.

As usual, we’ve rounded up some of the tweets about these stories and more – specifically, the ones that made us laugh/smile/feel as high as Lance Armstrong. The old one, that is. Not the shiny new one that’s going to appear on Oprah next week.