First Google Glass-Recorded Arrest: ‘Little Brother’ Filling In The Gaps

Donna Anderson
July 10, 2013

While it’s difficult to go about your day without being tracked by Big Brother’s security cameras, it’s not yet impossible. There are still little nooks and crannies that aren’t under 24-hour video surveillance. And even Big Sis can’t cover all the bases with her “See something, say something” propaganda. Never fear, though, because we have Little Brother, Google’s Glass, to help fill in the gaps and plenty of citizens willing to record your every move.

During the 4th of July celebration on a New Jersey boardwalk, Chris Barrett was in the right place at the right time and managed to capture the first video of an arrest with his brand new Google Glass.

“I picked up my Google Glass explorer edition last week,” Chris Barrett told Venture Beat. “I wanted to test Glass out, so I filmed some fireworks, getting a very cool first-person perspective. About 10 minutes after the fireworks, we were walking back to our car, and I just decided to try it out on the boardwalk.”

As he was walking to his car, Barrett happens upon a small crowd of people chanting “USA!” and a small scuffle broke out, “followed by a shirtless young man being handcuffed, arrested, and led away.”

“I walked right up, saw a crowd forming, and people were saying a fight was going on,” Barrett told me. “With Glass I went closer to the action than I probably should have and saw a couple fights going on. I think I got the first arrest with Google Glass … kinda cool!”

As Venture Beat points out, Barrett probably never would have been able to get that close to the action if he’d been using a traditional camera or waving around a cellphone. But the fact that Google Glass looks so much like a regular pair of sunglasses — especially when viewed in dim light or from a distance or in the middle of a distracting crowd — makes it possible for anyone to surreptitiously record anything anytime they want.

Yes, Big Brother is watching, but like any super-villain he now has a side-kick and you’ll never know his identity.

Google Glass isn’t available to everyone yet but it soon will be. Prices may be a little out of reach for the average citizen when it’s first introduced but eventually they’ll drop, just like any other new technology. When that happens, we’ll be seeing a lot more videos. Some will be similar to Barrett’s, but many more will be videos of average citizens doing average things, like walking down the street with a pressure cooker. And that’s what Big Brother is counting on.


Republished with permission from: Infowars