Ed Schultz Interviews Utah Teacher Who Wants To Carry A Gun

If you can, watch this segment all the way through, because it highlights two points. First, the idea of teachers carrying guns in school is absurd. Second, even teachers who think they want to carry guns can’t quite answer some of the obvious objections to doing so.

Carolyn Cain is a special education teacher in Utah who thinks she might want to carry a gun, and who also thinks it’s insulting for parents to think teachers shouldn’t carry guns. Insulting? Really? The Ed Show blog has a great response to that: Teachers shouldn’t have to worry about defending their students and themselves. They should only have to worry about teaching.

For me, the most enlightening part of the interview was when Ed pressed her on how exactly she would explain this to parents. He specifically asked her how she would handle parents’ objections to having their child’s teacher packing heat in the classroom. And her response to that? “I don’t necessarily have to tell them.”

Oh, that’s awesome. So this woman wants to get a concealed carry permit so she can carry a gun in the classroom but not disclose that to the parents, because they don’t have to?

My kids are out of the K-12 realm now, but if I had one still in school, I would have plenty to say about a teacher carrying a gun in class. There are too many ways things could go horribly, terribly wrong, and to pile non-disclosure on that? Shameful.

I realize Ed had to go all the way to Utah to find that gun-packing teacher, but perhaps we could find a more reasonable solution to the problem?