ECO mounts Ashura photo exhibition

An exhibition of photos on Ashura mourning rituals has been mounted at the Diplomatic Gallery of the ECO Cultural Institute in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

The exhibition titled Like This Wine displays 72 works of 30 photographers focused on the Iranian mourning ceremonies for martyrdom of Shia’s Imam Hussein (PBUH) and his companions in Ashura.

An Iranian photo agency and photographer bank, Chilik, organized the exhibition and provided the photos.

Farzaneh Biazaran, Mohsen Sajjadi, Nasibeh Khalili, Amin Rahmani, Mona Hassan, Mehdi Taheri and Yadollah Abdi are some of the artists whose works displayed at the show.

The exhibition that kicked off on January 7 will run until January 18. The show is also scheduled to be held in some other Iranian cities such as Sari, Takestan, Kashan and Qom.