Corporate-Fascist America: Former Philadelphia Police Captain Says Cops Are Mercenaries for Corporations

A retired Philadelphia police captain, Ray Lewis, has told the truth about the role of law enforcement in America.

“It’s an oppressive organization now controlled by the one percent of corporate America. Corporate America is using police forces as their mercenaries,” Lewis said during a recent interview.

“In such divisive times it’s important for people to realize this isn’t a black vs. white issue, but a blue vs. everyone issue,” writes investigative journalist Jay Syrmopoulos. “When a former cop is willing to cross the ‘thin blue line’ in an attempt to help wake people up to the reality of the American police state, the least we can do is help him spread this important message by sharing his words of wisdom in hopes of awakening others.”

Mr. Lewis underscores the fact police have never served the public and are acting at the behest of fascist corporations and banks, the very institutions that have controlled the nation and ruled over its political system for decades.

“The American legal system is rooted in English common law, and the modern American policeman harkens back to English sheriffs, who were paid by and accountable to the government, not to the community,” writes Wendy McElroy. “The main purpose of the sheriff was to enforce what were called ‘government decisions.’ Maintaining public order was also a concern, but ‘order’ was defined by the government.”

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