Cop Threatens To Take Man’s Baby To “Children’s Services” Over Refusal To Show ID

Andre Stockett was stopped by Sandusky police officer Christopher Denny, who said he believed Stockett to be another person, a suspect with outstanding felony warrants.

At first the officer claimed he stopped Stockett and his girlfriend, Kathryn Said, because the license plate number indicated her driver’s license was expired. When she produced a valid license, the cop changed the story, suggesting that the couple were driving without headlights at dusk. Then the officer began referring to Stockett as “Mr Newell”.

“That’s not me… That’s every black man.” Stockett protested, maintaining that he did not have to identify himself because there was no probable cause for detainment.

When Denny ordered Stockett to step out of the car, he refused saying “I fear for my life”.

The officer then called for a K-9 unit to search outside the car, and claimed a dog had alerted him to the presence of drugs, prompting Stockett to react by saying the officer is “full of sh*t.”

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