Colbert Goes After Obama for His ‘Failed Second Term’

President Obama’s second term hasn’t started yet, but that didn’t stop Stephen Colbert from already proclaiming it a disaster and bemoaning the the lack of diversity with some of his recent nominations to fill retirements in his cabinet. Never mind that over 40 percent of the President’s appointees have been women.

As Karoli already noted here, all of this carping over the need for “more women in the cabinet” that Colbert was mocking in this segment has just been concern trolling on the media’s part. Colbert was much too kind to MSNBC here, who deserved to be ripped for Scarborough’s chauvinistic crap, and for having one segment after another for days on end about this stupid nonsense, that no one else besides the Villagers in the media gives a hoot about.

I’m a lot more concerned about their policies than I am whether they are men or women or what race. Unfortunately we’re not going to get any liberal nominees for any of these positions no matter what race or sex they are. It does give the beltway talking heads something to wring their hands about though.