Cenk Uygur Asks Alex Jones if He’s Ever Sought Mental Health Treatment

From this Monday evening’s The Young Turks, this interview with Alex Jones wasn’t quite as contentious as the one he had with Piers Morgan last week, but it wasn’t a whole lot better. I did enjoy watching Cenk get a chance to ask him if he’d ever sought any mental health treatment after listening to quite a bit of his ranting and raving. I can also say it didn’t break my heart to see two of these wingnuts tearing each other apart and Jones ripping on Glenn Beck after he criticized his interview on CNN.

Alex Jones to Glenn Beck: ‘Thomas Jefferson would spit on you’:

In this clip from Cenk’s interview with radio host Alex Jones, whose rant on Piers Morgan’s CNN show was dismissed by Glenn Beck as an attempt to make gun advocates seems crazy, Jones says, “You jackass mainline conservatives don’t speak for me. You’re the ones that have discredited true conservatism and libertarianism. Thomas Jefferson would spit on you, you little bastard. You little piece of trash. That’s what I have to say to Glenn Beck.”

If you’re in for some more abuse, you can watch the extended interviews with Jones here and here.