CCTV footage ‘disappeared’ after the Hillsborough football disaster

Sadie Robinson

CCTV footage from the Hillsborough disaster disappeared from the stadium, a jury has heard.

Some 96 Liverpool football fans died as a result of the disaster in 1989.

Roger James Holdsworth gave evidence to fresh inquests into their deaths last week. The engineer advised Sheffield Wednesday football club on CCTV systems.

He confirmed that no videos were missing from machines at the start of the match.

Holdsworth said he “locked the doors where the tapes were” and “locked the cupboard door”.

But he said that when he returned later, “I opened the room up and I could see that the doors were — the cupboard doors to the VCRs were open. They were slightly ajar. So I went in, opened the doors and saw that two tapes were missing.”

Holdsworth disagreed with police claims that their cameras were not working or had been accidently turned off. He said he was watching scenes the police cameras were filming in pens 3 and 4. He added that, when police opened a gate to let more fans into the ground, the cameras showed that pens 3 and 4 were already overcrowded.

Holdsworth also described being subsequently monitored by a police officer, Inspector Tope. “If I went anywhere, he was with me,” he told the jury.

Holdsworth described Tope disagreeing with his description of what happened on the day.

He also said he was supposed to give evidence to previous inquests. “Two days before I was due to be a witness, I got a telephone call from the police saying I was no longer required,” he said.

The inquests continue.

This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.