Cat-astrophe averted: Social network saves trapped cat

Still from YouTube video/mchsMogilev

Still from YouTube video/mchsMogilev

A cat has been rescued by the powers of a Russian social network after a video of him locked in a car went viral and reached the vehicle’s owner.

­The poor creature spent at least four days locked in the car in the Belarusian city of Mogilev. Throughout this time activists put a lot of effort to rescue the furry prisoner.

Under the country’s law neither police nor emergency services could open the car without permission from the owner, who did not show up to his ride for days.

The desperate kitty was first spotted by those passing the car every day. Realizing the cat must have been locked in the vehicle for days, a group of self-organized activists started a rescue operation.

First they put signs all over the car urging the owner to unlock it and “to release the kitten.”

Then someone made a video of the kitten and uploaded it to one of the most popular Russian social networks, Odnoklassniki (Classmates), which is also extensively used in Belarus.

The video went viral and the missing owner was at last found. The man immediately went to rescue the kitten.

The owner confessed that he had not used the car for a about a month ever since some troubles occurred. Through all this time it was parked on the same spot and locked.

It is not known how the cat managed to slip into the locked vehicle.

Still from YouTube video/mchsMogilev
Still from YouTube video/mchsMogilev