An Open Letter from Inside the Most Insidious Police State to Ever Exist

Planet Infowars
July 26, 2013

Dear Citizens of the World,

I am an average American citizen. This letter is to those citizens of the world who live in a place where true freedom still exists. I’m not quite sure where these places are because the American media indoctrinates us all to believe that we are in the best place to live. That the rest of the world is lesser than, or dangerous, or god forbid populated with dark skinned people. We’re told to keep paying our taxes and stop asking questions. We’re told that we’re being listened to and watched for our own protection. We’re told that if it weren’t for the massive federal government and their protection we would suffer attacks like the Boston Marathon every month.

Sadly that statement is a little backwards. It is because of the federal government that we suffer any attacks at all. It is because of the FBI that any underwear bombers or stock exchange attacks occur. They reel patsies in claiming to help with the plan, provide most of if not all money and supplies, then arrest the person at the last minute. In their minds they are getting someone off the street who had these plans fomenting to begin with. But in reality most of these people were just crazy and would have never had the resources or will power to accomplish a true attack without the help of the feds at all. So in order to justify their cut of the tax racket, every once in a while they have to set someone up to make it look like there is an actual threat to America.

So we live in a nation where our secret police are constantly spurring on people to attack America in order to later arrest them. Is there any chance at all that once in a while these plans go awry and the planned set up turns in to a massacre? It’s possible. We live in a nation where our secret police can go in to someones home claiming they are interrogating him. Then when they leave the person has been shot 6 times, once in the head, and not a single officer on the scene can agree on why he was shot, yet their internal revue will almost certainly claim the shooting was justified. Why is that? Because any time a fed shoots someone they used their discretion, and a federal officers discretion is unquestionably reliable according to the government. So even if the shooting kills the wrong person, that officer must have had a good reason in the moment to make that decision, so it is justified.

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