Afghan soldiers fire at US-led troopers

In this photograph taken on June 22, 2010, foreign soldiers are seen preparing for a patrol at their base in Nahr e Saraj village, Helmand, Afghanistan.

Afghan soldiers have opened fire on US-led troopers in the latest “green-on-blue” attack in war-torn Afghanistan, Press TV reports.

The attack took place in the town of Bala Bolouk of the western Farah Province on Tuesday.

Afghan officials said that the attackers managed to escape the scene after the shooting.

The Taliban claimed three Italian troopers were killed and four others wounded in the “insider” attack – in which Afghan security forces turn their weapons on US-led forces.

However, neither Afghan nor NATO officials have reported any causalities, yet.

The Taliban also claimed that three Afghan soldiers involved in the attack joined the militant group following the attack.

More than 61 US-led forces were killed in “insider” attacks in Afghanistan in 2012, the highest since the US invaded the country in 2001.

The foreign troopers lost their lives in 45 “green-on-blue” attacks last year.

The fatalities do not include an American adviser, who was killed by an Afghan female police on December 24. A total of 35 US-led forces were shot dead by Afghan forces in 2011.

The United States invaded Afghanistan in 2001 under the pretext of combating terrorism. The invasion removed the Taliban from power, but Afghanistan remains insecure despite the presence of tens of thousands of US-led forces there.