9 Healing Herbs for a Natural Medicine Cabinet: Grow Your Own Healing Herb Garden

Christina Sarich 

Natural Society
August 22, 2013

Instead of filling your medicine cabinet with a bunch of questionable pharmaceutical drugs that keep Big Pharma in business, why don’t you just grow your own inexpensive, natural healing herbs at home? This way, you’ll have your very own healing garden to keep doctor visits to a minimum, and you can sleep soundly knowing that you’re capable of taking your health into your own hands.

Herbs are usually quite hearty as plants, and you can grow them in smaller spaces. These herbs can be grown outdoors or in containers on your patio. You can even grow them in your own kitchen if you prefer to keep your ‘natural medicine cabinet’ indoors.

Here are 9 amazing healing herbs any novice gardener can grow.

1. Basil — Basil has numerous medicinal uses, from acting as a natural anti-inflammatory to reducing flatulence, and nausea. It also has mild antiseptic properties and can boost appetite. Basil can also be used ground up as a salve for minor cuts and scrapes. This plant is an annual,however, so you will need to replant it every year. Check out some health benefits of basil here.

2. Ginkgo Biloba — Ginkgo Biloba is the herb to keep your brain sharp as a tack. It aids in mental alertness while fighting viral and respiratory infections. It has been called a living fossil with a plant heritage that goes back more than 270 million years. Both the stem and leaves can be used for their medicinal qualities.

3. Ma-huang — This Chinese herb is wonderful for boosting mood and reducing fatigue. It has also been known to aid in weight loss due to appetite suppression.

4. Red Clover — A wonderful herb that relieves both arthritis symptoms and headaches, red clover has also been used to treat menopausal symptoms due to its isoflavones compounds. It is a perennial with beautiful pink bursts for flowers.

5. German Chomomile — This herb can provide relief from constipation, anxiety and sleeplessness. It lowers stress and reduces heartburn. An easy-to-grow plant, chamomile can help treat stress without the need for anti-depressants or sleeping pills. Check out other chamomile benefits here.
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