2007 Deja Vu As Goldman Sees $150 Oil By The Summer

While Brent closed 2012 at around its average closing price for the year, suggesting some stability, rolling a front-month contract garnered returns over 10% underscoring Jeff Currie’s (Goldman’s chief commodity strategist) note that money can still be made in a low volatility environment. However, he does note the incredible divergence between near-record-high geopolitical risks and near record-low Brent crude volatility relative to stocks. The key is that while Currie expects the global oil to remain cyclically tight (inventories low in 2013-14), with a $105.50 average for WTI; in an interview earlier today in Frankfurt, he said he wouldn’t be surprised “if we woke up in summer and [Brent] oil cost $150” per barrel.

Dow Jones notes that:

Mr. Currie pointed out that despite the boom in U.S. shale gas, the oil price remains high, which he attributed primarily to sanction-related supply disruptions in Iran. Trying to compensate for this, Saudi Arabia has already increased its oil production to a 30-year high this year. At the same time, Mr. Currie added that while global oil demand has increased at a slower pace, it is still higher than the production increases in non-OPEC countries.

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