­China censors Skyfall ahead of premiere

Chinese authorities have altered the course of events in the record-breaking Bond film Skyfall to adjust the film in accordance with state ideology.

The scene staged in the Chinese city of Shanghai and featuring a Chinese character being killed was reportedly cut in entirety. In the scene a French killer shoots a security guard after entering a skyscraper, the Hollywood reporter says.

The dialogue has also undergone several “adjustments”. The meaning of words featured in the scene where Bond talks to a bar hostess in a Macau casino were also altered.

The original conversation between Bond and the hostess, has the protagonist mentioning that the woman became a prostitute at a young age. References to politics have also been altered to make the film “suitable” for screening in China in the eyes of the Chinese authorities.

Censorship and re-editing of imported films is quite a common phenomenon in China. Scenes in such films as Men in Black 3, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and several other have been cut and altered for being offensive, the Guardian reports.

The Chinese government frequently delays the release of Western made films in the country as part of an effort to support homemade films by sparing them competition with big Hollywood blockbusters. Skyfall was due to go on hire in China in November 2012, however the release was rescheduled for 2013.

The latest Bond movie has already grossed $1.03 billion internationally.