­Brad Pitt joins Chinese Twitter, hints at visit to communist state

Brad Pitt (AFP Photo / Nils Klinger)

Brad Pitt (AFP Photo / Nils Klinger)

Hollywood star Brad Pitt is so popular in China that he has signed up for an account on the Chinese version of Twitter. His first post on Wiebo hinted that the actor may soon be visiting the communist state, drawing comments from thousands of users.

“It is the truth. Yup, I’m coming,” a message posted on Pitt’s page on Sina Weibo read.

The news of one of the world’s sexiest men planning to visit China was shared and quoted over 30,000 times and sparked a wave of comments, with thousands of surprised users expressing their excitement, AFP reported.

It is unclear if Pitt meant that he would be visiting China, or if he was just marking his arrival on the microblogging website.

Pitt’s account had already gained over 100,000 followers in the six hours following the first post.

According to various film websites, Pitt was banned from entering China after starring in the 1997 movie ‘Seven Years in Tibet,’ based on the true story of the Austrian mountain climber who befriended the Dalai Lama while China began its occupation of Tibet. Beijing was reportedly angered by the film’s negative depiction of the Chinese.

The Chinese government has long regulated and censored Internet activity in the country. Many popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China.